: 0pt; word-spacing: 0pt span style"font-family: Franklin Gothic Book a href target blank". br / br / br / b * Gambia: /b No postal code used. br / br / b * Austria: /b (A- or AT-)9999 (the first digit denotes one of the nine provinces - called Bundesl?nder, the last the nearest post office in the area) br / br / b * Azerbaijan: /b AZ9999. Honduras: 99999 * Hong Kong: 999077 Single code used for all addresses for mail from Mainland China * Hungary: (H- or HU-)9999 Introduced in 1973. br / br / br / b Dominica: /b No postal code used. Bermuda: AA 99* for street addresses, AA AA* for PO Box addresses. br / br / b * Italy: /b 99999 (also used by San Marino and Vatican City) First two digits identify province with some exceptions, because there are more than 100 provinces. Name of building, /span br / span style"color: black. Costa Rica: 999 until 2007. Slovenia: (SI-)9999 * Spain: (E- or ES-)99999 See List of postal codes in Spain * Sri Lanka : 99999* Incorporates Colombo postal districts, eg: Colombo 1 is "00100".


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Theodore de Chertsey, Quebec 2919:. Côte d'Ivoire: No postal code used. Taiwan: 99999 The first three digits of the postal code are required; the last two digits are optional. br / br / b Saint Helena: /b sthl 1ZZ Single code used for all addresses. Deliveries to PO Boxes only * Kiribati: No postal code used. See also List of postal codes in Norway * Oman: 999. br / br / a href"m /a - links to Post Offices of the world br / br / a href"ml" Uniserv /a - Postal code lookups for Austria Belgium Switzerland Germany Spain France Italy Luxembourg. br / br / br / b * Bolivia: /b 9999 br / br / b * Bosnia and Herzegovina: /b (BA-)99999 br / br / b * Botswana: /b not used br / br / b * Brazil. br / br / b * Mexico: /b 99999. Mongolia: Montenegro: (ME-)99999 * Montserrat: No postal code used.

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Baise et rencontre en cote d ivoire courcelles br / br / b * Finland: /b (FI-)99999. br / br / b Congo (Brazzaville /b No postal code used. Span style"font-family: Arial br / br / b Faroe Islands /b - a href"ml" Faroe Islands /a - Postal codes br / br / b Federal Express /b - a href"m Federal Express /a. Chinese Postsal/Telephone codes (some) - Ethan Michelson Czech Postal codes - in English, Czech postal codes from Czech Post Office. Post office of Armenia (in English). Gov United States /a - Post Office (English) br / br / b USA ZIP Codes /b - a href"m/zip4 USA ZIP Codes /a br / br / b United States Address /b - b /b a href"m". Margaret Village, Nova Scotia 2904:. br / br / br / b * Burundi: /b No postal code used. Angele rencontres et services ales menen de Laval, Quebec 2981: Ste.
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